Plenary meeting of the


21-27 May 2021






FATF  Plenary  meeting.  

21-26 Februry 2021  







27th Egmont group

plenary Meeting.

 July 2021







The TFAC celebrates its

15th Birthday.




* Government Decree No. 2019-419 of May 17, 2019, concerning the procedures for implementing resolutions adopted by
 the competent UN bodies related to the suppression of the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons
 of mass destruction, as amended by Government Decree No. 2019-457 of May 31, 2019 (Consolidated version AR)


* Government Decree No. 2019-54 of 21 January 2019, setting the criteria and methods for identifying the beneficial owner. (AR)


* Government Decree No. 2019-53 of 21 January 2019 laying down the conditions and procedures relating to the certificate

of the reservation of acronym, trade name and trade name. (AR)


* Government Decree No. 2019-52 of 21 January 2019, setting the administrative and financial organization
 of the national center of the register of enterprises. (AR)


* Government Decree No. 2016-1098 of August 15, 2016, establishing the organization and operating procedures

of the Tunisian Financial Analysis Commission. (AR) (FR)


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