Plenary meeting of the


21-27 May 2021






FATF  Plenary  meeting.  

21-26 Februry 2021  







27th Egmont group

plenary Meeting.

 July 2021







The TFAC celebrates its

15th Birthday.


The TFAC->Missions




The TFAC is the single national center responsible for receiving and analyzing declarations of suspicious transactions and transactions and notifying them of the outcome of their actions. Established by article 118 of the law n ° 26-2015 of the 07/08/2015 (formerly the law 75-2003 of the 10/10/2003), the TFAC is charged primarily and in accordance with the said Law (art 120) :                         


                             * of the treatment of the declarations of suspicion

For this purpose the TFAC analyzes the declarations of suspicious transactions and transmits to the Public Prosecutor the declarations of which the suspicion of BA / FT (money laundering and financing of terrorism) is confirmed by the analyzes.                            

                           * to establish general guidelines To enable taxable persons to detect suspicious transactions and transactions and to report them    

                           * to collaborate in the study of AML / CFT programs

   Objective: fight against illicit financial circuits to deal with ML / FT

                            * participate in research, training and study activities;   

                         * to ensure the representation of the various services and organizations concerned with this field at both national and international level and to facilitate communication and coordination between them. 

              To do this, the TFAC has a right of communication which enables it to request all information useful for the accomplishment of its missions, to all the persons subject to the declaration of suspicion as well as to the public authorities in charge of the law application. These are required to provide him with the required information. The professional secret is not, in this case, opposable to the CTAF and the custodians of said secrets can not be prosecuted for their disclosure.  

The TFAC may order the provisional freezing of funds subject to the declaration of suspicion. In this case, it is required to close its work within five days from the date of the freeze order.

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