Plenary meeting of the


21-27 May 2021






FATF  Plenary  meeting.  

21-26 Februry 2021  







27th Egmont group

plenary Meeting.

 July 2021







The TFAC celebrates its

15th Birthday.


The TFAC->Presentation

The commission


The Commission is presided by the Governor of the Central bank of Tunisia and composed of eight members:


                                a magistrate

                                an expert from the Ministry of Interior,

                                an expert from  customs,

                                an expert from the committee of financial market,

                                an expert from the Ministry of Telecommunications

                                an expert from the general committee of insurance,

                                an expert specialized in combating financial crimes.

                                an expert from Banks and Financial institutions Professional Association, and

                                an expert from National commission against Corruption


               The Commission meets when necessary on a notice of its president or his substitute. It can not deliberate unless at least six members are present. Its decisions are taken on the basis of the majority of the two thirds of present members' voices.

              A minute signed by the Secretary General and registered in the register of deliberations is established for every meeting

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