29th plenary meeting of the MENAFATF.

November 2019


FATF Plenary meeting.  


13-18 october 2019   


Meetings of the Egmont group.

 01-05 july 2019

La haye


About TFAC




       Tunisian Financial Analysis Committee (TFAC) is established by article 118 of the organic law n ° 2015-26 of 7 August 2015 on the fight against terrorism and the repression of money laundering.


She sits at the Central Bank of Tunisia. The TFAC is an administrative type Financial Intelligence Unit.



     The TFAC is the national center responsible for the receipt, analysis of suspicious transaction reports and the transmission to the public prosecutor of the

 declarations whose analysis has confirmed the suspicion.


     The TFAC cooperates with national supervisory and regulatory authorities, in particular for the implementation of policies and programs to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

     The TFAC has a right of communication of the information necessary for the analysis of suspicious transaction reports held by persons and entities subject to the law and the administrative authorities responsible for the application of the law




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